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'''Jules Michelet''' (; 21 August 1798 – 9 February 1874) was a France|French historian. He was born in Paris to a family with Huguenot traditions. In his 1855 work, ''Histoire de France'' (History of France),Michelet, Jules. ''History of France'', trans. G. H. Smith (New York: D. Appleton, 1847) Jules Michelet was the first historian to use and defineMurray, P. and Murray, L. (1963) ''The Art of the Renaissance''. London: Thames & Hudson (World of Art), p. 9. ISBN 978-0-500-20008-7 the word ''Renaissance'' ('Re-birth' in French), as a period in Europe's cultural history that represented a drastic break from the Middle Ages (which he loathed), creating a modern understanding of humanity and its place in the world. Historian François Furet wrote that his '' History of the French Revolution'' (1847) remains "the cornerstone of all revolutionary historiography and is also a literary...
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